Monday, February 28, 2011

Blog #4

For Blog #4, when I googled my name....hardly anything that was me actually popped up. Out of the ten top google results that popped up, one was a facebook group that I was in for my friend's dog that passed away, another was my name on my high school's honor roll from 2008 and then there was one for a show I was in this past summer. The other 7 results were not about me. I think the reason that my facebook page did not show up is because I am listed under my first and middle name for privacy reasons. I think there are a couple of other Kristen Ripplingers. One of the girls won an award for an electrical project (clearly not me), another was tagged on a guy's myspace profile for being inspirational during the track season, one was a student of McClusky (? - don't know where that is) and my personal favorite is one that was registered for showing livestock (i know next to nothing about farm animals). What I took from this assignment is how privacy functions on the internet. So much information is out there about people! But it also showed me how powerful the internet is- it can connect you with people that you never would have been able to before and it can also give you vast amounts of information about those people. It eliminates space - it's weird to think that there are other people out there with the same name!

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