Monday, February 28, 2011

Blog #4-Kristin

I Googled my name, that was the assignment, I have searched my name before. A lot of Kristin Schmidts showed up in the search on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and random careers, but none of the Kristin Schmidts listed were me. The one I thought was the funniest was that I was a professional and highly recommended Obstetrician and doctor. The ONLY Kristin Schmidt that showed up in the search that was really me was my LinkedIn profile. My LinkedIn profile is something I would want other people to see, it is a great networking tool. I searched my name on google pictures and there were no pictures of me. I am not surprised or disappointed that my LinkedIn profile is the only thing that came up in the search that is me. Not that privacy settings prevent anything on my Facebook from showing up in searches on Google or other search engines, but I guess I get my privacy! I have the highest privacy settings on my Facebook. I checked the boxes to not let anyone but friends read/see my profile and pictures, I didn't want to be searchable on other sites, I didn't want other websites to have access to my information. I feel very lucky because my social life on Facebook is pretty private to just my friends (or so it seems). I have searched myself before, and do occasionally, to see what comes up that is actually me. I like to keep tabs on what people can see from my life. I am very lucky to not have anything show up in Google searches that compromises my privacy. I do have friends whose information shows up all over Google and Google images. There Facebook wall posts and pictures show up in Google searches, but not mine! I can tell you they are not too happy about that... oops!

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