Monday, February 28, 2011

Blog #4 - Randi Russell

So according to Google, I am a CIA agent and a pimp. What could be better, really? Even the Facebook and Myspace links that came up weren't my own. I won't lie, though, I am kind of happy I don't have any public information on the Internet that people could potentially get at. When I first typed in my full name (Randi Page Russell), there weren't even any Randi with an "i's" that came up. They all were male Randy's. When I just did Randi Russell, the first link is for a series of thriller novels called the Covert One. I guess I am a famous CIA agent that helps the main character, so that's not too bad. The next two links are to MySpace and Facebook pages that I thought were going to be mine. I was scared to click MySpace thinking it was from when I was 14 and had one. But lucky for me, both of those were to different people. So then I decided to look at Google images thinking maybe pictures from my Facebook would be there. But, once again, there are a lot more Randi's that are apparently more popular than I am. My favorite picture is of a nerdy looking man surrounded by 2 blonde girls in fur holding a book in front of him. I guess I am not the top choice on Google because I haven't ever been in a newspaper or done anything newsworthy, but it does make me a little curious as to how they decide which Facebook accounts come up and which do not. It is a little scary that so much information can be found on the Internet, because I don't think that a lot of the people that came up asked to be on Google, they just are.

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