Monday, February 28, 2011

Blog 4

When "googling" myself, I chose two different ways to approach this. I chose to write "Erin Farrell, Madison" and "Erin Farrell, Sun Prairie." My first approach gave me incredibly typcial results... My Linkedin page. I had just made one the other day for career purposes and I was actually relieved that this was the first thing that came up. Maybe if future employers search me, they'll find me right away!
My most interesting finding was when I did the second appraoch. The first thing to come up was the "Erin Farrell Fan Club" on facebook. Yes, this was a fan club for me with only 17 members. This was done in high school by a dear friend of mine. Why did he do this you ask? Because, I must admit, I've had some interesting quotations from my day. Ya know the show "Kids say the Darndest things?" Well that was me in high school. It's so interesting because I completely forgot this page was ever made until now. i get to relive all the dumb moments from my past. How wonderful.
Other memories of the past that I found on google was my old "honor roll" list that I was on in high school. Man, haven't seen my name on that list in some time. How I miss the days of talking your way into an A rather than putting in effort. O well, can't win them all.
Overall, my experience "googling" myself brought back many memories for me and I found it interesting how long certain things stay online. I had no idea the fan club was still running and why would my high school honor roll list still be up? maybe for people like me who love to look back at the great times of the decade. Google also reassured me that I am out there on the web ready for anyone to search me. Luckily, the "Erin Farrell Fan Club" has eliminated most of my past quotes, so if future employers were to ever search me, they'll never know :)

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