Saturday, March 26, 2011

Farrell-Practicum 2

Hey guys,
So i got the dates wrong for my Dreamweaver classes, and I've actually been waiting now until this Tuesday to start. So far I've done some research on Dreamweaver to prepare...but wow! This program is super complex and I'm going to need someone there to actually explain it to me. That's the thing about the internet, it has the resources, but the personal one-on-one teaching method just can't be beat!

Anyhow, so in the midst of waiting I decided I'm too impatient and just want to see what else is out there in terms of making a website. I started with Weebly, as I explained in my last post, but this was just too confusing and slow (remember my impatience :)). However, I found this great site called It's super easy and super compatible with a regular, non-professional audience. You have choices on this site. You become a member and either can build a website for free with less options or pay and get the full blown deal. I, of course, chose to do the free version, but this site has really shown me a new way I want to set up my site.

You begin by logging in, giving your e-mail/password, choosing your site category (mine-personal), picking your page layout (mine-purple), and then you choose the pages you want on your site. SUPER EASY!!

I originally was going to do a resume set-up with my site including jobs, experience, activities, and so on. I'm realizing that this is not exactly what I want. gave me the option of putting a forum and a news page on my site in order for viewers to post and for me to blog and give updates. These pages open up huge opportunities for me to do what I wanted but in a better way. With this news and forum option, I can connect to both twitter and facebook in order to gain attention (which I still have to join twitter, yes, I'm slightly avoiding it), but with news, I can give updates about my upcoming event Relay For Life. This is a great way to advertise what is important to you while also allowing comments from others. I am just so excited I found this site because without it, I wouldn't have figured out what i truly wanted out of my site.

Here is the link to My site is not finished, so the link is not set yet... (If the link doesn't work it might be because I was logged it. But, I encourage everyone interested in making a simple site to look at!

It is in the VERY early stages, but I'm so excited to begin really digging in to it. I also am still going to attend Dreamweaver classes because I feel if something goes wrong it will be a nice Plan B or putting Dreamweaver on a resume always looks good!!!


  1. If you're looking to learn HTML/dreamweaver on your own time, I'd suggest Access it by going to and click on the "OnlineTrainingResources" menu, log in with your netID, and then click "Get Online Training Now!" to be rerouted to There are thousands of free tutorials for you to watch and download practice files for. Good luck!

    Note: the only way to get access to for free as a student is by going through DoIT's website first.

  2. Thanks so much! I actually just came from my Dreamweaver class and learned that through UW you do not have to pay for a subscription!! How great! Have you made a website via Dreamweaver? If so, any suggestions or tips? I'm just getting started but I hope that one day it can be a skill I put on the old resume. I feel employers may find it appealing when future employees know how to build websites. What do you think? Care to share any Dreamweaver experiences?