Saturday, March 26, 2011

Practicum #3- Kelsey

So I've been trying out a few different characters and deciding which ones I like playing as. I prefer ranged characters over the ones who have to get up right up next to the enemies to do damage, but there are a lot of different Champions to choose from, so it's hard to make a decision just yet. The biggest problem I'm finding so far is you have a very limited selection of characters to choose from until you either pay actual money to buy others, or play a lot of games to buy them with the points you earn in game.
I did finally work up the nerve to play a game with other people who were anonymous. The game matches you with other people around your level, so everyone I played with was under level 10. It's strange because the way the map is laid out there are three paths to take, top, bottom, and middle, and you just choose one and go to work on it. Everyone then just does their own thing with little conversation, although there was a brief exchange in the beginning of who does what, and people occasionally comment if more help is needed on one path over another, or if the entire team is going to work together to storm a path, so to speak. There are five people per side, so generally there are two on the top and bottom, and one who takes the middle. I was still the lowest level of the people I was playing with, but thankfully nobody gave me any problems either time, and I'm actually starting to enjoy the game now that I understand the game play, although trying new characters is still annoying because you have to learn there strengths and weaknesses and abilities, and which items you purchase during a game that can best be utilized by that character, but I'll try to touch more on that in my next post, since I'm still trying to figure that out.

Pics are the loading screen before going into a game and the post game screen which breaks down different stats, including time spent dead, which I'm actually getting better at NOT doing!

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