Thursday, March 10, 2011

Practicum 4-Lauren

Today I was on the chat facet of the Glee Fandom site and witnessed two complete strangers get to know each other and eventually decided to meet up. If this isn't online community- I don't know what is!

The conversation started with (may I remind you that this is just an open chat room that's on my Glee Fan site) the girl asking if anyone else was out there. Someone responded about a minute later and then the romance began. She responded (and yes I am choosing to leave their screen names anonymous) that she was just looking for a boyfriend who was as much of a gleek as she was. He challenged her playfully back and they began to make small talk about just about everything. After 15 minutes or so of amusement, I had to leave for class. When I came back to my apartment 3 hours later, I checked the chat page again-- JUST to see if they were still talking. And they were! I observed the conversation for another 20 minutes or so, intrigued by their discussion of everything from the show to pets they hope to have when their older. They eventually decided to meet up for real (even though I've deducted that they live 4 hours away from each other in Massachusetts).

I don't know whether I think this situation is incredibly romantic, or weirds me out a bit. I don't know that I could randomly meet someone in person that I met online for a couple of hours. Although they did exchange Facebook names and I'm sure other contact info after that, it seems a bit extreme. On the other hand, I think that this further proves that the institution of online community is indeed a real thing and people really DO form relationships and connections with people all over the world via online communities like this.

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