Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Practicum - Jenny Post Four

Tonight I decided to explore Bebo in more detail. I still haven't found many reasons why someone would choose to use Bebo over other social networking options. I have yet to find any of my friends on the network, so I haven't gotten to explore the site to its full potential. I looked into the music options that are offered while using the site this time. Similar to MySpace, Bebo has a section entirely dedicated to listing your favorite bands and listening to music. Unlike MySpace, when you visit an artist's page, you can see videos instead of just listening to mp3s. The method that you must use to search for an artist is much more complicated than MySpace's, however. The option to actually listen music is one feature that Facebook does not offer, and it is one of the few advantages that Bebo has. I got frustrated when I visited some artists' profiles because their video players did not work (Like Lady Gaga's above).

While searching for music, you can search by genre. I am a fan of hip hop, but when I searched popular hip hop artists, I did not get results that I would have expected. Of the 22 artists that popped up on the first page of the search, I only knew one. Many of the bands that were suggested were less popular and not well-known.

If there is an artist you really like, you have the option of becoming a "fan." This entails receiving an email when the artist updates their blog or posts another video on their page. I think that by offering this service, Bebo is feeding into the growing fascination of fandom.

The next thing that I will be exploring is "sharing the love". I have no idea what this means, but will be exploring it shortly!

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