Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blog # 7 - Kristen Ripplinger

So, I am reflecting on my evening last night trying to think of everything computerized that I used... and after reading some of your blogs, I've realized how behind I am with technology. I need to get internet access on my phone and get a new digital computer. The computerized devices that I used were my computer, alarm clock, cell phone, iPod and microwave. I spent a lot of time last night on my laptop doing homework, Facebook and trying to coordinate emails with my parents who are in Mexico. I used my iPod while I was studying and when I became bored of the music I have, I used Pandora on the internet for the rest of the night. I used the microwave to make my cappuccino while studying. I used my old and out-dated cell phone for texting and a couple phone calls. I used it as a second alarm clock this morning to make sure I woke up to finish a history paper.

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