Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jenny - Blog #7

Although I would like to say the number of computerized things I used last night doesn't surprise me, it still does. Almost everything that I did last night involved a computerized machine of some sort. I started my evening working on a presentation that was of course due today (very last minute). This required the use of powerpoint, internet browsing, and of course texting on my phone to procrastinate. After just 20 minutes I had had enough work for a while and went to Subway with one of my roommates where I proceeded to get my sub and check out. The person at the cash register used the computer to get my total and give me my change. I then proceeded to go home and in an attempt to procrastinate further, play Angry Birds on my ipad (all the while still texting). After about an hour of this, I decided that maybe waiting until 10pm wasn't my brightest idea for project preparation, and I picked up my labtop to continue my work. After about an hour of solid work my roommate convinced me to come out and watch our personal fav "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." We popped the DVD into the player and proceeded to watch the video on our TV. When the movie finished around 1am it was time to get back to that dreaded presentation and I plugged my headphones into my ipod and cranked it out in a half hour. By my count, I used 6 computerized items in total last night if you count all of the programs on my computer as general labtop use. I cannot even begin to imagine how I would have ever been able to put off my presentation for that long without all these computerized objects :)

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