Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post 7- Lauren

Last night when I tracked everything computerized I use, I was amazed. I never take into account the little things that are computerized that I take for granted. I usually just think of my computer and maybe my phone. But last night I was made much more aware of all the computerized items I use in an average day/ night. I used my automatic coffee maker to make some coffee, and later the microwave to reheat some coffee. I watched television while doing a bit of reading, which was furthermore on my computer! I went for a run, mid-afternoon and took my iPod with me, along with a stopwatch. Throughout the night, I obviously used my cell phone, not only to answer calls and text messages but to check the weather forecast for Mifflin this Saturday. That's most of the computing devices I can remember, but I'm sure I have accidentally left a couple out that I didn't even think about.

The purpose of this blog post is to get us to realize how many computing devices we actually use without even realizing how natural these things are to our everyday life. I know for myself, I don't take into consideration what it would be like to not have an automatic coffee maker, or be able to use my iPod for a run. These things are just easily taken for granted in our everyday lives because we are so actively engaged with them on such a frequent basis that it's second nature for most of us.

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