Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blog#7- Yen

Before going back home in the evening, I swiped my Debit card in the register to pay for a soda. I was also listening to my iPod when I was on my way home. Later on, I went to an ATM machine to withdraw some cash. As usual, I was using my laptop in the evening to download readings from different courses on Learn@UW and to take my online quiz. I also used my laptop to go on the internet for news and checking on Facebook. As I finished my quiz, I went to heat up some food in the microwave oven. I didn't realized it is actually a computerized item until the moment I looked at the digital display and pressed on the number pad to key in the cooking time. Then I turned on the TV when I was having my supper for some entertainment. I also texted my project group mates with my cell phone to plan for a project meeting.

After thinking about the computerized item I used in a day, I found that there would have been a lot of inconvenience if we don’t have them. All these items have already become part of our life and play a crucial role in saving our time when performing different tasks to make everything works efficiently.

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