Monday, April 25, 2011

Practicum #6-Nicole

I've finally made it. I'm officially a level 2 playing member. While it took me quite a bit longer than Laura and I'm still far behind her I feel a sense of accomplishment in not being such a rookie anymore. As mentioned in our presentation, the points don't really matter in regards to unlocking new games to play or any other privileges other than bragging rights which is why I previously was more into experimenting around with the site rather than trying to level up. However, after seeing how well Laura has been doing, it motivated me to at least level up once before the semester was over. There are so many ways to earn points some faster than others. I chose to go with the slower route however I think I benefited from this in the long run. Since the majority of my points were earned from rating games this meant that I was able to try a variety of games that the site has to offer. While I did earn a good number of points from badges, being able to see what all there is to the site and what other people are contributing was fun. I was able to find new addicting games to play in class or at work when there was nothing to do. Even though I would do great in the game and earn many points within them I would not earn points with Kongregate over all. This was frustrating at first but then after realizing how pointless the points really are for me in the long run I went about it in finding new games to enjoy personally. In the spirit of the web showcase my newest addiction is called Turtle Run. It is the most basic game ever and only involves the arrow keys. Basically you go for time and try not to get hit by balls in the process. This game was the last game that I rated in order to get to level 2 and I have yet to stop playing since. You can see from the picture the main screen as well as the instructions of the simple but addicting game called Turtle Run. I am hoping by my next and final practicum post I have completed at least one quest to at least say I've done it and win a few more points in the process.

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  1. Congrats on getting to level two!!! I took your advice and started rating games!